Hot Take: I wouldn’t have mind Aimee and Wes Winning Love Island USA Season 3

Aimee and Wes was sadly dumped from the island because of the islanders but I don’t think America actually put the couple in last place.

Based on votes, I’m almost positive Florita and Jeremy were the couple that would’ve went home if Love Island would’ve went strictly by fan votes.

Wes and Aimee coupling seems very genuine and I could’ve seen them taking the win.

Seems to me the house wanted to get rid of strong competition. Wes and Aimee was that. Javonny was that. Javonny is a very likable person and if he would’ve found someone at Casa, he would’ve been in the running to win as well.

I hope to see Aimee, Wes, Javonny and Florita in the future on different shows nonetheless I enjoyed everyone that was sent home more than half of the members who’s still in the villa.