Love Island USA unfair with Javonny and Aimee’s Departure; Similar to MTV’s “Are You The One”?

It all began when America had to vote for their favorite couple, fans voted earnestly assuming that the couple who got the lowest votes would automatically be kicked out of the villa. But the showrunners threw a huge curveball by revealing only the top three couples who received maximum votes from the public and placing the remaining four couples at the risk of elimination. They left the power of deciding who would be eliminated from the villa in the hands of the islanders and not with the public.

There so many rumors going around.

Reality TV shows are known for putting matters into their own hands and example is Season 5 of the MTV show “Are You The One!”

The game was rigged for that cast which ended in the cast losing the money and even stopped the show from airing more seasons as of now.

Did Love Island USA plan to get rid of Javonny and Aimee?

Let’s see….when it was announced that fans can vote for the couples to stay, everyone were too excited to finally be in control because over 10 episodes in, the fans haven’t been able to make any moves with the shows decisions.

I’m sure Javonny and Olivia were both safe and solely because of the high demand for Javonny yet Olivia was the one who was saved.

Olivia being saved didn’t make sense but you know what really didn’t make sense? Jeremy being saved!!!!

There’s a rumor going around that Jeremy has family at CBS…’s just a rumor though.

The islanders picking Olivia and Jeremy just didn’t make sense to viewers and islanders are thinking that production told them who to save.

I could see that being a reason because when did Olivia and Cashay automatically become the best of friends? Josh reasoning didn’t match up at all to Olivia?

Fans are just trying their best to figure out what happened! We genuinely feel like Aimee and Javonny were both robbed their chance to stay in the Villa.

Javonny being the most entertaining part of the Villa was solidified after he left because the episode was the most boring episode of the season. It’s like the spice left when Aimee, Javonny, Florita and Wes left.

We hope Casa Amor can bring this show back to life because fans are over it. A huge majority of fans aren’t even rooting for anyone to win anymore.

It was a great season at the start but it’s ending horribly and most characters are becoming very unlikable. Even the ones everyone loved in the beginning.

Find it so funny the two people everyone wanted to go home the most is still in the Villa. Hilarious.

Christian agrees.