Javonny and Cely from Love Island USA Already Speaking To Each other

Ok so when Javonny during Season 3 of Love Island, everyone got the vibe that Javonny would work very well with Cely from Love Island USA Season 2!

Cely wasn’t afraid to let us know that she’s very intrigued with Javonny on her live with LIS2 winner and bestfriend Justine! Mackenzie from S2 has also been trying to get the two together.

Today Aimee slipped up and shared that the two are already talking to each other. Just friendly conversation for now.

They don’t even have to date but even those two being friends together would bring fans great content!

Put them on the same season of The Challenge together, we’ll take anything. Javonny was robbed and was suppose to make it it Casa Amor!