Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 12 Review

Tonight is a crazy night! 4 islanders will be eliminated as the show gets ready for Casa Amor!

The episode starts with Javonny putting Olivia to the side and letting her know that he feels like something is off.

Korey and Will have a small talk and Will says that he sees Olivia as a friend. The drama between Olivia, Javonny and Will and Kyra is brewing.

This is my only flaw with Cashay. She knows that Olivia isn’t feeling Javonny but when they talk, she don’t tell him that but Javonny let’s Cashay know everything she needs to know.

Cashay and Olivia are literally planning operation ditch and cash you don’t tell Javonny?

This episode finally brings Javonny feelings to the front about how Olivia has been doing him wrong. America has seen this from episode one. She’s giving me a very bad vibe.

Trina is having second thoughts about her and Cinco’s coupling because she think Cinco still has feelings for Cashay. I believe she’s scared of the same thing happening to her with what she did to Cashay. What goes around comes back around.

Olivia tells Will about her feelings and Cashay tells Cinco about her feelings.

Will is not interested in Olivia at all and only wants to be with Kyra. Cinco actually have feelings for Cashay and I seen that from the jump.

Javonny and Olivia finally decides to be just friends.

Now for elimination,

Korey and Cashay, Cinco and Trina, Josh and Shannon and Will and Kyra are safe.

Sadly we got a cliffhanger and we don’t know who goes home just yet. Hang in there for tomorrow.