Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 9 Review

The episode starts off with the re-coupling and Isaiah kissing Cashay in front of Aimee and Aimee getting mad at both of them as well as Aimee finding out that Jeremy said that he’s only interested in her as a friend.

Jeremy then sits down with Aimee and lied straight to her face about something that he said.

Aimee sits down with Isaiah and he also lies to her.

Most of the guys this season are horrible.

Javonny and Korey are amazing.

Olivia starts to catch feelings with Javonny but calls him a walking meme???

Jeremy likes Florita but doesn’t want to step on Korey’s toes but I think Jeremy turned her off by lying.

Javonny talks to Olivia and it’s so clear that Javonny is way more interested in her than she is interested in him. Javonny also shares that he think Cashay needs to be careful with Isaiah and I agree.

Back outside the Villa, Cashay and Aimee sits down and have a talk about Cash and Isaiah kissing in front of her face and they squash their little issues and Aimee decides to not pursue Isaiah. This is what Trina should’ve did, actually sat down and genuinely talked to Cashay about her and Cinco. She was horrible in the Cash, Cinco situation.

Shannon is kind of in everybody else business, her coupling must be getting boring.

The gang throws a throwback villa party and plays a game.

Jeremy kisses Olivia and Florita and Aimee kisses Isaiah in the truth of dare game.

After the game, two new islander enters the building! Slade and Wes.

Javonny knows exactly what’s going to happen and sees that Slade and Olivia definitely have a thing for each other. Wes is feeling Aimee.

The dates starts and Aimee is picked to go on a date with Slade and Cashay is picked to go on a date with Wes.

Wes and Cashay date starts off amazing, they seem to hit it off so well. Slade seems kind of boring so his date with Aimee isn’t too interesting. Slade later chooses Olivia for a date and Wes chooses Aimee.

Wes and Aimee definitely seems to get along as well. Both of the women Isaiah wants to pursue are slipping through his fingers.

Jeremy is not letting Korey breathe. He keeps snatching Florita. He later kisses her and Florita is showing a lot of interest in him.

Olivia date with Slade was very boring.

Wes seems to be more into Aimee but he always liked the date with Cashay more. Slade doesn’t seem to fond of Olivia but we’ll see. Olivia definitely wants to leave Javonny and we’ve been saying this for the longest.

Tomorrow we get to watch a special episode on Paramount and Tuesday is the big night. A re-coupling!