Cardi B is Promoting Normani collaboration “Wild Side” Better Than RCA Records and Brandon Silverstein!

Normani and Cardi just recently dropped their new collaborations “Wild Side” and it’s undeniably one of the hottest songs and videos of the year but there’s one thing missing…………a good team.

Normani is signed to RCA Records who have a history of not promoting their artist well and even rumored to sabotage some of their artist.

Cardi B is only a feature and she’s signed to a label but she’s putting some of the work into her hands for the love of wanting Normani to succeed plus I’m sure she knows how horrible the music industry is behind the scenes.

Cardi shared:

Cardi has always made multiple tweets about the video being messed up on YouTube plus BardiGang are trying their best to get her manager Brandon to put the song on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits.

This just goes to show you how real of a person Cardi is behind the scenes.

Fans shared:

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