Love Island USA Season 3 EXCLUSIVE EPISODE Review

The episode started with the cast reacting to the dumping of Christian and everyone realizing that it was for the better.

Kyra and Will were able to get some alone time and I’m starting to think these two knew each other before the villa, mhm.

Trina starts to step on Cashay toes with Cinco but I still feel like Cinco isn’t being 100% about everything.

Javonny and Olivia are on the same page. They’re friends waiting for their match to enter the Villa.

At the end of the episode, a new guy entered the villa.

Isaiah entered in the Villa in a helicopter and he looks like Korey’s brother. We’ll see exactly how this turns out with tomorrow’s episode. More girls are entering the Villa as well. Things are getting packed so you know what that mean, someone has to go.

The Drop: This is a special episode that’s now available on the streaming service. Aimee is feeling Isaiah and Jeremy may be in trouble. Isaiah’s welcoming is going well so you may see him very comfortable and settled in come next episode.