Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 4 Review

During this special 2 hour episode, the episode started off spicy.

Shannon showed all of her dislike for new girl Aimee and didn’t have one care about her actions.

Aimee and Will automatically clicked because they both speak Spanish. Jeremy is definitely second guessing his relationship with Trina.

Christian is too much in Trina and Jeremy’s business and that’s why he can’t find himself a genuine connection, maybe it’s time for him to exit the Villa.

Jeremy is probably the fakest in the villa. How are you going to tell everyone in the Villa about your feelings but Trina? Even kissed Aimee without having a serious talk about their relationship, so wrong.

Kyra should’ve stayed with Korey because we can easily see that Will’s head turns easily.

During the challenge, things got a little crazy. Cinco and Cashay chemistry was on point. Javonny still wants Olivia and I don’t know why. Josh kisses Aimee instead of Shannon which is going to lead the Villa into DRAMA.

Now it’s time for the re-coupling and everything and everyone is all OVER THE PLACE.

Trina wants Cinco. Olivia wants Javonny and Christian.

The re-coupling made sense. Christian was sent hone and honestly that was the best decision.

Now with Tuesday new episode, there’s a new guy and there was a promo about 3 new girls coming soon. Can’t wait!

Side Note: LOVE ISLAND UK Season 7 will be on Hulu on July 12th!