“The Ms Pat Show” will premiere on BET Plus on August 12th

According to BlackFilm,

“The Ms. Pat Show is a BET+ original multi-cam sitcom, inspired by the stand-up comedy and memoir of comedian.

The Ms. Pat Show follows a fictionalized version of Williams’ own life story. A comedian, author, podcaster and actress, Pat Williams (Instagram) brings a hilarious perspective to her work and also has an incredibly moving story. By the age of 15, she was a single mother of two selling crack in the inner city of Atlanta under her street name, Rabbit (which is also the title of her book).

THE MS. PAT SHOW is the story of a former convicted felon turned suburban mom and stand-up comedian, whose hustle and resilient spirit were forged on the streets of Atlanta. To much reserve, she now finds herself in conservative middle America alongside her penny-pinching husband played by J. Bernard Calloway (“City On A Hill”), a struggle of a sister played by Tami Roman (“The Family Business”), and two distinct sets of kids played by Theodore Barnes (“The Prince of Peoria”), newcomer Briyana Guadalupe and Vince Swann (“50 Central”), raised under very different circumstances!”

We can’t wait to see it.