What Reality Stars Do We Think Should Join “The Challenge”?

You know how for shows like the Grammy’s and Emmy’s, the institution have boards where they pick certain people to choose the nominations?

Well MTV The Challenge if you’re reading this, trust me with these nominations! I think all of these reality stars has what it takes to star on the show.

First up here’s my picks from Love Island USA and Love Island U!

1. Montana – Love Island UK S3

2. Ovie – Love Island UK S5

3. Luis – Love Island UK S1

4. Mackenzie – Love Island USA S2

5. Justine – Love Island USA S2

6. Mike – Love Island UK S6

7. Kaz – Love Island UK S4

8. Molly Mae – Love Island UK S5

9. Tommy – Love Island UK S5

10. Anna – Love Island UK S5

11. Caroline – Love Island USA S1

12. Siannise – Love Island UK S6

13. Cely – Love Island USA S2

14. Connor – Love Island USA S2

15. Michael – Love Island UK S5

16. Amber – Love Island UK S5

17. Yewande – Love Island UK S5

18. Johnny – Love Island USA S2

19. Luke T – Love Island UK S6

20. Rebecca – Love Island UK S6

Next up, my picks from Netflix game show “The Circle”!

1. Deleesa and Trevor – The Circle USA S2

2. Terilisha – The Circle USA S2

3. Seaburn – The Circle USA S1

4. Chloe – The Circle USA S2

5. Antonio – The Circle USA S1

6. Karyn – The Circle USA S1

7. Chris – The Circle USA S1

8. Sammie – The Circle USA S1

Lastly, my picks from MTV’s “Are You The One”

1. Clinton – Are You The One S6

2. Diandra – Are You The One S6

3. Geles – Are You The One S6

4. Prosper – Are You The One S4

5. Shanley – Are You The One S1

6. Nurys – Are You The One S6

7. Malcolm – Are You The One S6

8. Kaylen – Are You The One S4

9. Gio – Are You The One S4

10. Jada – Are You The One S6

11. Kareem – Are You The One S6

Now tell me these aren’t some of the most entertaining reality stars?

This would be so good. MTV should pick me to be a casting director.