What will happen in “Snowfall” Season 5?

In an interview with GoldDerby, Andron revealed that the show will most likely jump forward in time.

He explained, “We’re going to probably, it looks like, jump forward a little bit in time, more than we have maybe in the past to get into the meat of 1986 when the violence was really ramping up, when you really started to feel the full militarization of the LAPD, when the War on Drugs was on its way to reaching its apex.” This comes after season 4 also had a time jump.

Andron further revealed that the time jump will coincide with the rise of gangster rap that forever altered the landscape of South Central. “And so without getting into too much character stuff, I will just say from the standpoint of history and kind of where we are in the arc of this thing, it’s a really exciting time for us to plop our characters into and see what happens,” he continued.

Snowfall is expected to return to FX for season 5 in 2022.

Are you excited?