Montana Brown gives advice to upcoming Love Island UK stars

You may remember Montana from Love Island Season 3 and she was definitely one of our favorites on the season.

Montana Brown has warned the new Love Island stars to be mindful that fame and money ‘don’t last forever’.

The 25-year-old reality star, who appeared on the ITV dating show in 2017 for Season 3, admitted in an interview with Cosmopolitan that the first year after appearing on the program was overwhelming as she was propelled to fame and fortune.

Admitting that she acted ‘like a brat’ after starring in the series, Montana wanted to remind the future contestants that the industry is disposable when it comes to reality fame.

Montana also added that in the years since her appearance, she has learned to stop comparing herself to others as she sets her sights on more important things than social media.

Brown also stated:

Love Island Season 7 is anticipating a June 28th release. Stay tuned.

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