Reasons Ciara is a Legend: A song from every album since her debut has went Platinum

One thing I’ve been seeing lately is that we tend to hype up people that aren’t really legends of the game.

One artist I never see get their full credit is Ciara. Ciara debuted in 2004 and literally had hits up until almost 2020 and people still doubt the impact she’s had on the music industry.

I seen a post on Twitter from @CiaraContent after Ciara was trending that made me want to dive into her hits.

Here’s every single Platinum hit Ciara has had from every album she’s released:

“Oh”, “Goodies” and “1,2 Step” all from Ciara’s debut album “Goodies” went platinum.

“Get Up”, “Promise” and “Like A Boy” from Ciara’s second album “The Evolution” all went Platinum.

Many will claim that 2008/2009 was the year that Ciara started to fall but that’s probably a lie because she still earned a Platinum Top 10 hit with “Love, Sex and Magic” featuring Justin Timberlake from her album “Fantasy Ride”

In 2010, Ciara released her album “Basic Instincts” where she teamed up with Luda once again and dropped the Platinum viral hit “Ride”. This video was even banned from playing on 106 & Park (we believe they were blackballing her for sure).

After dropping that album, Ciara took a break and didn’t release another full project until 2013 and when she came back her presence was felt with self-titled album “Ciara” as “Body Party” became a Platinum hit

Coming in with her next album “Jackie” which birthed the Platinum single “I Bet”

And the last album Ciara dropped was titled “Beauty Marks” which launched the smash viral hit “Level Up” in 2019

So I’m not sure what you guys consider a Legend but being in the game since 2004 and having a Platinum hit every album since then is legendary in my book. 🍾🎉