Lil T Jay upset about not getting nominated at the 2021 BET Awards

He shared:

“Be honest with yourself n*gga, who the f*ck is the youngest doing this.” Let’s be real, man,” he says as he flashes his iced-out wrist to the camera. “Let’s be real, 2021 looking… Don’t give a f*ck about no nomination, n*gga, I’m getting money like this, sh*t like that don’t really f*cking matter.”

“Sh*t, I’m just talking to talk,” he finished in the Instagram story rant. He shared another post in his story aimed at the network, “@BET when ima get nominated for some sh*t,” with an inquisitive emoji.”

I think he definitely should’ve been nominated for something considering that he had a Top 3 Billboard Hot 100 hit this year that went Platinum as well as another Gold plaque.

BET committee just genuinely don’t seem as hip.